Jackfruit “meat” sandwich with cauliflower mayo

Jackfruit meat doesn't have a lot of flavor, but when well-seazoned it is a great meat substitute. It takes a bit of work to get it ready, but you can make a big batch (a whole jackfruit) and freeze in small containers. If you've never made it, this video explains how to prepare it from … Continue reading Jackfruit “meat” sandwich with cauliflower mayo


Upside-down starfruit sponge cake

I had a large quantity of starfruit/carambola at home, from some relative's backyard, and as I don't like the taste and texture of the fresh fruit much, I decided to make a dessert that shows off the fruit's iconic shape. My intention was to make a creamy pudding-like cake, so I used little flour and some agar, but … Continue reading Upside-down starfruit sponge cake